Interactive /  Web Design
I love being able to use "real world" objects to interact with computers. It brings interactivity to a whole new level. This WiimoteBreakout game is an example of this.

I haven't done every single part that makes this work. I got the application to connect the Wiimote and Mac together from someone else (Craig Swann) and I think he modified another application to make this one work with Flash. I also got the code for Flash to communicate with this application from him. What I did do was the Breakout game and applying the different controls to the game (figuring out how the data was being read).

This is only available to users who have a Mac with Bluetooth and a Wiimote. Not to say that this isn't possible on Windows, but the Mac is what I work with. When clicking the image below, you will download a file with everything you need, including instructions.

As far as playing the game itself, the rotation of Wiimote controls the rotation of the paddle. You hold the wiimote like you normally would, and not in the horizontal position. Also, since the Wiimote can detect the speed it is moved at, it is possible to make the paddle move rather violently if you rotate it quickly. This either means hitting the ball at a very wide angle, making it difficult to hit the next time, or completely missing the ball because of it flying past the paddle.