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Once while I was playing Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4) on the Xbox 360, I thought it would be a fun game to replicate. This was the result, Beat Breaker. Essentially you control a ship, and you must detonate it to destroy enemies. Anyone who has played E4 will know that music is a big part of the game. In Beat Breaker, you can use any MP3 file you want. It's better to have a song with a good beat, since there is beat detection built into the game, and detonating the ship on the beat gives you bonus points. Do read the instructions. There's a good chance you won't know what you're doing otherwise, especially if you've never played any Every Extend game. This game was made in Flash but built for Adobe AIR, so you'll need to download AIR to play it. Click on the image to download the game.

Beat Breaker