Wayfaerer Studios is a one man project by me, Patrick St.Onge. It started out being a studio made out of a friend (Craig) and I, where we would make a Myst style game (hence the name wayfaerer, which is someone who travels by foot, which is what you would do in that game). The real spelling is wayfarer, but we used wayfaerer instead to make it more interesting. About six months later, the idea of the game was dropped, because of not having enough time, and because the work for it would be too repetitive (and I need variety). So at this point, the game is no more, but could be revived in the future. I've decided to keep the name Wayfaerer Studios for my personal portfolio.

The following is the animation of the Wayfaerer Studios logo. The logo was created by Craig, the music was done by my brother, and I did the animation. I think it's a great logo animation, and the music does a great job at setting the mood right.

640 x 480, 4.7 MB